Over the last twenty-odd years, I've been doodling and making notes from working on the TVR Wedges and (less so) the S3 Esprit. Some of it has already been published on the 'net (primarily 'TVRwedgepages', although that site seems for the moment to be defunct) but as this is all my own work I reserve the right to publish it here as well :)

1. TVR Wedge corroding chassis

2.TVR Wedge headlamp horrors

3.TVR Wedge mirror mysteries

4. TVR Wedge doors dismantled

5. TVR Wedge miscellany

6. Fuel Injection System Diagnostics

7. Lucas ECU Circuit Diagrams

8. Cruisin! or... Bling My Wedge?

9. Steering and Front Suspension work

10. Rear brake overhaul

11. Wash-wipe circuitry

12. Custom Thermostat Housing for the V8


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