Trim and other niggles!

I discovered that the driver's seat wasn't attached to the floor, the previous owner having removed the seat subframe to create more headroom. Some years ago I had to replace the subframes of my old TVR Tasmin and ended up using the subframes from (as I thought later) a Metro. Despite trawling around several scrapyards I couldn't find any Metro frames that looked like the ones I remembered. Eventually, by chance I looked inside a scrapped Maestro and there they were. As standard the frames are too wide to fit the Lotus (or TVR) seats, but I'd devised a fix with the Tasmin. Each of the slides is linked by a tubular handle which is pulled up to release the latches so that the seat can be slid fore and aft. With a short piece cut out of the middle of this handle, the two halves can be welded back together to create a frame that fits perfectly onto the mounting holes in the Lotus (or TVR) seat base. As it turned out, the passenger seat subframe of the Lotus was quite badly rusted due to damp and would hardly move (not that there's really much cause for it to do so!) so the 'new' subframe was a worthwhile fix.


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